Whether you run a business or live in a home that has some additional outdoor space, you’ll know the singular frustration of not being able to utilise or enjoy that area for large parts of the year. When you don’t have a protective covering solution in place, these areas become dead spaces throughout the rainy season and whenever temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels.

At Sundial Awnings & Screens, we believe you should be able to enjoy every square centimetre of your property, come rain or shine. That is why we work hand in hand with our clients to tailor protective covering solutions for every area and location imaginable. Here are a few of the tips we’ve picked up over the years, that could help you to optimise the usage of your outdoor areas:

Create a shade-solution that works with the dimensions of your space

One-size-fits-all coverings rarely work the way you want them to. Every outdoor area is different when it comes to wind direction, sun exposure, slope, structural layout, etc. As such, it only makes sense that a folding arm awning should be designed and manufactured according the dimensions of your particular space.

At Sundial, we offer a range of elegant and unobtrusive folding arm awnings suitable for patios, windows and doorways, as well as decks, terraces and balconies at restaurants, residential properties and retail spaces. With our wide range of designs and textiles, we can optimise any space – giving you more room to manoeuvre without the added expense of invasive construction.

Optimise usability according to your preferences

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to the functionality of their protective outdoor coverings. Some enjoy the convenience of motorisation with our range of Somfy motors, which utilises a gearbox to operate aluminium powder-coated folding arms at the press of a button. Others prefer the optimal energy performance of crank-operated systems. We cater for all these requirements. Our customers even have the option of protecting their investment by installing an aluminium protection cover, or opting for a folding arm system that comes with a semi- or full cassette that neatly stores away the awning when it is not in use.

Tailor a comfortable micro-climate for enhanced enjoyment

Once the folding arm awnings are installed, it becomes possible to create a micro-climate beneath it to further enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor space. We are able to install wind- and sun sensors, infrared heaters and a wide range of accessories that will help you tailor your outdoor climate to your preferences or those of your clientele.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can customise your outdoor space with folding arm awnings. For more information or a personal chat about how the Sundial team can help you to transform your living space of business premises with the help of innovative shade solutions, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives. With branches in both Gauteng and Cape Town, we are ideally positioned to assist you in any way required.


At Sundial, there is nothing we love better than assisting our clients in creating intuitive living spaces that adapt to their needs as an individual or family. After all, your home is more than just four walls and a roof – it’s your sanctuary. This is why we take immense pride in working with home- and business owners to tailor shade solutions that are more than just a window covering.

So, let’s talk internal roller blinds. Interior shade solutions are often seen as something of a must-buy. It is our aim to change all that. With Sundial interior roller blinds, you can transform a somewhat difficult area of your home or business into a multi-functional space with countless uses.
Here’s how:

Minimise the fuss & hassle
Humans are creatures of habit, and will also mostly take the route of least resistance. As such, there is a good chance that people will avoid a given space in a home or business if it’s a hassle to be there. For instance, if you have a boardroom with lots of windows, chances are it’s standing empty half of the time. Sure, the natural light is an immediate mood boost, but it becomes a problem when you have to give an AV presentation. The same thing goes for a media/entertainment room at home. An effortless way to ensure that these spaces are used to the best of their ability is to install motorised internal roller blinds with a quiet Somfy motor, that can be lowered at the push of a button. With this remote-controlled, chain-operated shade solution in place, any given space can be adapted for use throughout the day without any hassle.

Make your internal blinds a focal point
If you always thought that you have to choose blinds in a neutral colour that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home or business interior, you are not alone. The picture most people have in their heads when they hear the word ‘blinds’ features those speckled stacking blinds from the 80s. Fortunately, technology is on our side and there has been a substantial number of shade solution innovations since then! These days you can choose from a variety of versatile and sophisticated roller blind systems in a huge selection of fabrics.

Create a private, UV-safe space for the whole family
Living in a country like South Africa, sun exposure is something we have to bear in mind every single day. As such, areas like north-facing lounges, conservatories and verandas may become dead spaces for a large part of the day, as people try to avoid direct exposure to the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the African sun. Choosing internal roller blinds in block-out or sunscreen fabrics can change all that. Additionally, blinds also ensure that you have privacy when you need it most.

If you have rooms in your home or business premises that can be viewed by passers-by, roller blinds are a simple privacy solution as well. Best of all – depending on fabric choice, you can still retain outward visibility and a feeling of space, even when an area is blocked from view from the outside looking in.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can transform your space with internal roller blinds. For more information on how you can update the interior of your home or business premises with innovative sunshade products, get in touch with a Sundial representative today. We have branches in Cape Town and Gauteng, and are more than happy to assist you in tailoring n internal blind solution that suits your budget and requirements.



Living in South Africa, we are fortunate to enjoy some of the best weather in the world. In fact, did you know that the holiday town of Mossel Bay officially has the second most moderate climate in the world, next to a small town in Hawaii? As such, it only makes sense that outdoor living forms such a big part of our culture.

Whether it’s congregating around the braai, playing cricket on the lawn with the kids, or simply relaxing on the veranda with an enjoyable book, South Africans spend a lot of time outdoors. To this end, you’ll also find that most homes have been designed with an indoor/outdoor living space, which allows the owners to make the most of their yard.

One of the best ways to ensure that you utilise your outdoor spaces to its full extend is to have an adaptable shading solution in place. Here are a few cost-effective ways in which you can transform your al fresco areas into a multi-functional living space with conservatory awnings:

Update the look & feel with contemporary finishes

You are much more likely to use your outdoor spaces if you enjoy the way it looks out there. After all, you take great care to decorate your home according to your taste, so why not do the same outside? Sundial offers a range of conservancy awnings in a wide variety of fabrics, with colour co-ordinated components that will transform any conservatory, pergola or open space into a stylish destination. This includes high quality fabrics like Markilux, Serge Ferrari, Dickson & Sheerweave.

Control the climate in glass-covered areas

Glass-covered areas can get very warm very quickly during our hot summers, which often means that people will go out of their way to avoid these spaces. Now you can control the climate beneath your glass-covered areas with conservancy awnings. These specialised awnings can be installed either on top of or below a pergola or conservatory, and individual solutions can be created for trapezoid or triangular windows. The possibilities are endless.

Motorise your shade system for ease & convenience

Putting up and taking down an umbrella can be time-consuming. This is why perfectly lovely outdoor spaces often go unused during the height of summer – no one feels like lugging around the heavy base and moving it again when the sun shifts an hour later. Now you can cut down on the manpower by simply installing a conservancy awning with a handy crank-operated system, or even invest in a fully-motorised unit that will create a shady nook at the push of a button.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can create a multi-functional living space with conservatory awnings. For more information on how you can transform your home or business premises with innovative sunshade products, get in touch with a Sundial representative today. We have branches in Cape Town and Gauteng, and are more than happy to assist you in tailoring a shade solution that suits your budget and requirements.