Patio Roller Blinds

With South Africans loving to live outdoors, patio roller blinds have become very popular. Our consultants are trained to offer you the best solution for your application.

Different screening and solid fabrics are available with many colours to choose from. Patio roller blinds can be supplied with a powder coated cassette no cassette or no cassette with an aluminium pelmet.

We supply high quality fabrics like markilux, Phifer Sheerweave, Dickson Constant and Serge Ferrari fabrics.

A variety of hold down and side track options are available to you with the most advanced technology which is german engineerd for quality and strengh. Roller tubes are maximised in order to reduce deflection that creates puckering in the fabric.

The end-user have an option in either having their patio blinds motorised with Somfy motors or manually operated by a crank gear or pulley system. Motorised patio roller blinds have a wide range of accessories to add in order to have a more enjoyable and safer roller blind.

Patio roller blinds are the most practical and cost-effective method to enclose your patio, lapa, carport or restaurant.
We offer a 1 to 6 years guarantee depending on the choice of system and operation method.

Features and Benefits Of Patio Roller Blinds:

• Wide range of fabrics.
• Colour co-ordinated components and bottom rails.
• Motorisation with a range of different Somfy motors.
• Optimum energy performance
• Remote controlled.
• Crank operated.
• Pulley operated.
• Intermediate positions.
• Powder coated cassettes.
• Different size roller tubes.
• Non guided systems.
• Saddle and hook systems.
• Guide systems.
• Cable systems.
• Tensioned systems.
• TracFix systems.
• Wind Sensor
• Sun Sensor
• Wide range of accessories.