Motorize curtains

Life is motion!

Somfy motorizes your draperies simply with an electric drapery track.
It is available with a central or side opening and blends in discreetly into your design.
Create your decor and ambiance and switch to the connected home.

Why should you motorize your drapery track?

There are no more cables to operate or strings that get tangled up!Control them with one click to protect your privacy and the sun’s rays.

The + for Somfy electric motors
Motorisation robuste A sturdy, attractive and quiet motor
Manoeuvre douce et fluide Gentle and smooth operation
The curtains are protected
Fonction “Touch motion“ “Touch motion” function
The motor starts up, by pulling the drapery
La motorisation de rideau est évolutive The curtain motor is adaptable
You can easily switch to home automation
Mémoire de position favorite Favorite position memory
MY function on the remote control
Vitesse réglable avec la gamme Glydea Adjustable speed with the Glydea range
The motor adapts to suit your needs